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A view north from the garden.

A view north from the garden.

Local Towns


The beautiful cathedral reputedly built on the site of an ancient monastery founded by Saint Coleman in 513AD is home to the Dromore High Cross, built of granite it was reconstructed and re-erected in 1887.
John de Courcy built the Motte and Bailey when he invaded Ulster in 1177 and despite its location no visible traces of the castle remain but the spectacular view from the mound itself. Seen from the A1 dual carriageway the Victorian Viaduct is an excellent example of workmanship of the era.


The village derives its name from Sir Arthur Hill who built the fort in 1650. Owned by the British Government, Hillsborough Castle is a Georgian Mansion which is used by the Royal family and the Northern Ireland Secretary of State. Guided tours through the house and grounds are available, but may need to be pre-booked.
The Oyster Festival is hosted here each September, lasting 5-6 days, there is a host of entertainment to keep young and old amused. The villages charming streets are full of quaint shops and a host of good restaurants.

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